Ghost Eye

Ghost Eye – Information Gathering Tool

Ghost Eye New Release. Ghost Eye is an Information Gathering, Footprinting, Scanner, and Recon Tool I made in Python 3. Since the last release of Ghost Eye, I’ve tweaked, removed, and added some new features. So that Ghost Eye would become more of a whole. For me, it remains a game of options so that together you get a complete overview of your target.

Here you can read an article written by the coder about Ghost Eye

Ghost Eye gathers information data such as:

Hi there, Shall we play a game..? 😃

[+] 1. EtherApe – Graphical Network Monitor (root)

[+] 2. DNS Lookup

[+] 3. Whois Lookup

[+] 4. Nmap Port Scan

[+] 5. HTTP Header Grabber

[+] 6. Clickjacking Test – X-Frame-Options Header

[+] 7. Robots.txt Scanner

[+] 8. Cloudflare Cookie scraper

[+] 9. Link Grabber

[+] 10. IP Location Finder

[+] 11. Detecting CMS with Identified Technologies

[+] 12. Traceroute

[+] 13. Crawler target url + Robots.txt

[+] 14. Certificate Transparency log monitor

[x] 15. Exit

[+] Enter your choice:


Video demo: Watch on LBRY/Odysee


Install and run on Linux

You have to install Nmap and EtherApe too:

  • On Arch Linux and its distros:
sudo pacman -S etherape nmap dnsutils gnome-terminal httpie mtr

  • On Debian and its distros (Kali Linux, Parrot Security OS):
sudo apt install etherape nmap dnsutils gnome-terminal httpie mtr

After installing Etherape sometimes a GNOME error can occur, for which you install: (This will solve the common error)

  • apt install libgnomeui-0: amd64

Install Ghost Eye:


  • python3