A Massive Exploiting Tool


TheFatRat is an exploiting tool which compiles a malware with famous payload, and then the compiled maware can be executed on Linux , Windows , Mac and Android. TheFatRat Provides An Easy way to create Backdoors and Payload which can bypass most anti-virus.


This tool is for educational purpose only, usage of TheFatRat for attacking targets without prior mutual consent is illegal. Developers assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage cause by this program.

Features !

  • Fully Automating MSFvenom & Metasploit.
  • Local or remote listener Generation.
  • Easily Make Backdoor by category Operating System.
  • Generate payloads in Various formats.
  • Bypass anti-virus backdoors.
  • File pumper that you can use for increasing the size of your files.
  • The ability to detect external IP & Interface address .
  • Automatically creates AutoRun files for USB / CDROM exploitation

But it’s shit! And your implementation sucks!

  • Yes, you’re probably correct. Feel free to “Not use it” and there is a pull button to “Make it better”.


Instructions on how to install TheFatRat

git clone
cd TheFatRat
chmod +x && ./


cd TheFatRat
./update && chmod +x && ./

Troubleshoot on TheFatRat

chk_tools script to use in case of problems in of fatrat this script will check if everything is in the right version to run fatrat and will also provide you a solution for the problem

cd TheFatRat
chmod +x chk_tools 

Tools Overview

Front ViewSample Feature



All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

About issues

  • Read the document before making an issue

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Credits & Thanks


TheFatRat is made with 🖤 by Edo Maland & All Contributors. See the License file for more details.